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The Scarboro SLSC Executive Committee have held a regular annual planning day since 2008, resulting in the development and release in 2010 of a Strategic Plan. This plan outlines the direction that the Executive would like to take the club over the following 5 seasons.

The Australian Titles being held at Scarborough Beach 2007-2009 was a defining period for the club with our member engagement at an all-time high with many members being involved in the Aussies Workforce and the funds raised being directed into a hall refurbishment project. 

Our Aim was to build on the Aussies legacy and capitalize on the increasing membership growth that Surf Lifesaving is currently enjoying. We will achieve this by having a clear direction with a strategic plan being aligned to operational strategies and a club structure. Our planning workshops identified four key areas that we believe are fundamental to our future successes. Each of these areas will have a focus on people, policies and procedures.  These will be supported with an operational scorecard.

They are broken into three timeframes;

Short Term – 2010/2011 Season

Medium Term – 2011/2012 Season

Long Term – Sustainable goals to continue beyond 2012

Lifesaving & Education – Our core business that we need to support and develop to accommodate changing public bathing habits, new technology and an ever changing beachfront. This commenced with a ‘Be Patrol Proud’ theme for the 2010/2011 season.

Member Engagement – Our most valuable asset is our members and this plan ensures that we have a continued focus on developing our members and creating our next leaders. This area will also encompass community engagement as we seek ways to demonstrate to the community that we are a valuable community service provider.

Financial Stability – Recent global events have shown that we cannot afford to assume that we’ll always be in a strong financial position without having solid financial foundations. By engaging our local community we believe this will assist the club in attracting and securing further sponsorship and grant applications.

Surf Sports – Scarboro is a proud club in the competition arena and a strong surf sports area is fundamental in retaining members and therefore having an impact on our core business. We believe that engaging skilled coaches will have a flow on effect to the skill level of lifesavers on the beach.

As the season 2010/11 progressed we engaged our members in our first member survey that has resulted in several sub-committees of experienced members being formed to review results and look at areas that needed change or assistance to improve.

The committees are as follows;


  • Lifesaving & Education Member Survey Review Committee
  • Surf Sports Member Survey Review Committee
  • Communication in Juniors & Youth Member Survey Review Committee
  • Club Structure Review Committee

These Sub Committees have met several times prior to the beginning of this season and then again during the season as necessary. Each of these committees looked at their respective areas and provided the Executive Committee with proposals for change. The outcomes were varied but positive. The feedback from these Sub Committees has been implemented and includes the following initiatives:

  • Contracts for Coaches with KPI’s
  • New guidelines and requirements for Patrol Captains
  • New Patrol competition initiative
  • New Senior Membership information Booklet
  • New Junior Membership information Booklet
  • Inclusion of the use of Facebook for communications
  • Comprehensive review of Policies with suggested changes
At the commencement of the 2011/2012 season we held an operational strategic planning session where all Office Bearers and Committee Members were asked to attend and contribute. Enabling all attendees to work at the same level and be inclusive in decisions relating to the needs of the club as a whole entity while being mindful of the needs of specific areas.  We were able to progress most of the policies devised during these planning days.  The Executive have again reviewed our progress in July 2012 and have ensured we are on track for the season beginning 2012/13. 


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